Dr Upasana Singh

Dr Upasana Singh
AL: Information Systems Technology, Senior Lecturer
M Block, M1-4
Information Systems and Technology


Dr Upasana Singh is the Academic Leader and a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Information Systems and Technology. She is also appointed as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia.

Her academic qualifications from South African-based Universities include a PhD in Information Systems from the University of South Africa, a Masters and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Information Systems and Technology, from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the University of Natal respectively. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in IT-related subjects such as e-Commerce, IT Consulting, IT Strategy, Programming, and Research Methodology.

Dr Singh has a keen interest in Educational Technologies and has served as the lead researcher in a number of international research projects on Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. Her research profile includes four Edited books, 24 Journal Papers, 12 Book Chapters, and 26 Peer-reviewed Conference Papers in internationally accredited conferences. Besides serving as a keynote speaker at over 25 international conferences and webinars, she is the convener and Chair of the International Conference on Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (digiTAL2K), which has successfully completed three editions, attracting high-quality academic papers from over 45 authors, across 8 to 10 countries, in each edition.

Dr. Upasana Singh completed her Fellowship in “Teaching Advancement in Universities” (TAU), from the CHE in 2019. Since 2018, she has championed over 1500 academics in South Africa, Mauritius, India, and Malaysia, in the adoption and design of digital teaching and assessment. Her first edited book brought together researchers from multiple disciplines, sharing their research on topics on Management, Information Technology, and Public Governance in an e-World. She recently published three edited books that contribute to the scholarship on Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment – the first in the series focuses on the creative adoption of technology to support online teaching, learning, and assessment by providing a platform to validate the need for, and strengthen, the academic voice, in the continuing transition in higher education. The second two books, scheduled to be published in 2023, speak to Quality Assurance in the online space and Digital Teaching in the Future.

During the pandemic, Dr Singh developed three conceptual models emerging from her research on the transition to online learning for academics, students, and females. She has been the recipient of a number of research grants, the most recent being a substantial grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF) in South Africa, for a collaborative research project focusing on Digital Capital at South African Higher Education Institutions (HEI)s. She completed the Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme in 2021. She was nominated for the Distinguished Teachers Award in 2021, the Future Professors Program in 2022, the MISQ Scholarly Development Academy in 2023, and the Women in Academic Leadership initiative in 2023-2024 by the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE).

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA, PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA Title of PhD: The development of a framework for evaluating e-assessment systems

Professional Bodies

  • Volunteer – IEEE
  • Member/Reviewer – South African Computer Lecturers’ Association (SACLA)
  • Member – South African Institute for Computer Science and Information Technology (SAICSIT)
  • Member – Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA)
  • Member – Future Focus Foundation
  • Member – South African Research Innovation and Management Association (SARIMA)

Research Interests

  • Digital Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Online pedagogy
  • AI in education

Publications and Papers

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Additional Information

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