Mr Taahir Akbar Vajeth

Mr Taahir Vajeth
Mr Taahir Akbar Vajeth
Senior Lecturer
M Block, Room M1-316, 3rd floor
Human Resource Management


Mr Taahir Vajeth is a Senior Lecturer based in the School of Management, Information Technology & Governance in the Discipline of Human Resources Management. He is currently engaged in research towards the completion of his PhD, focusing on Performance Management in Higher Education Institutions (locally and internationally). His areas of interest in HRM include Human Resource Management at various levels and Industrial/Employment Relations. He has also taught in many other related areas within the fields of Management and Human Resource Management. He has presented at the IIASIA Conference in Chengdu, China in 2016 and served as Session Chair at the Business Management Conference (BMC) in South Africa in 2016 as well as in the ARTEM Conference in Nancy, France in 2017.

Academic Qualifications

  • BCom (Industrial Psychology)(UDW)
  • BCom (Hons)(Industrial Psychology)(UDW)
  • MCom (Industrial Psychology)(UDW).

Research Interests

  • Different aspects of HRM
  • Performance Management (especially at Higher Education Institutions)
  • Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Development

Recent Publications and Papers

  • Khalida Akbar, Taahir Vajeth and Henry Wissink: The Relevance and Effectiveness of Learnership Programs in South Africa: A Survey of Trainees from within a SETA International Journal of Educational Sciences 14(1,2), 2016
  • Govender D, Vajeth T A A and Singh R: Human Resources in the Public Sector, Perspectives: A Journal of Economic and Management Studies, Vol 2, No 1,1992, pp 34-40.
  • Qua-Enoo G A and Vajeth T A A : Financial Impact of Staff Turnover in Eastern Cape Technikon, Management Perspectives : A Journal of Management Studies, Vol 1 No 1, 2002, pp 39-49.