Professor Ashika Maharaj

Professor Ashika Maharaj
Associate Professor
M Block M1-309, 3rd floor
Human Resource Management


Prof Ashika Maharaj served as the Academic Leader of the discipline from 2017-2023. She is a qualified educator, assessor and moderator. She is a registered Master Professional Learning and Development with the 

SABPP. Her research interests involve International HRM, Talent Management, Skills development and 

Employment Engagement. She has presented papers at both national and international conferences as well as written a number of South African Post-secondary Education (SAPSE) accredited journal articles as a sole author and in collaborations with staff and students. Prof Maharaj has been extensively involved in curriculum redesign and new programme development in the discipline. She has successfully facilitated a number of community engagement initiatives including the Career Expo, Research Show-Case as well as public lectures. 

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Management (HRM) UKZN 
  • HBAdmin (Industrial Psychology) HRD (UND) 
  • HED (Postgraduate) (UNISA) 
  • B.Arts (UND) 

Professional Qualifications

  • Moderator SSETA 
  • Assessor SSETA 
  • Master Professional Learning and Development (SABPP) 

Research Interests

  • International HRM 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Talent Management 
  • Skills development 
  • Employment Engagement 
  • Technology driven HR practices 

Publications and Papers

  • Munyeka. W. and Maharaj, A. (2024) Breaking Barriers and Balancing Bytes: Exploring Work-Life Balance among Female ICT Professionals in a South Telecommunications Company – A PhD Thesis Review. Journal of Business and Management Review. No 5(3).pp. 234-255.  DOI: 
  • Munyeka, W. and Maharaj, A. (2023) All’s (or Not) Fair in Work and Life? Focus on Females in Information and Communications Technology through the Prism of Work-Life Balance, CECCAR Business Review, No 8/2023, pp. 48-63, DOI:
  • Munyeka, W. and Maharaj, A. (2023) Balancing the Scales: An Investigation of Work-Life Balance Among Women In Information Communications And Telecommunications. Journal of Human Resource Management. ISSN 2453-7683 
  • Munyeka, W. and Maharaj, A. (2023) Female Information and Communication Technology Professionals’ perceptive description of work and home intricacies. Cogent Education. 10(2) 
  • Munyeka, W., & Maharaj, A. (2022). A quantitative study on salient work-life balance challenge(s) influencing female information and communication technology professionals in a South African telecommunications organisation.  SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 20(0)
  • Dayanand, S. and Maharaj, A. (2023) Exploring The Perceptions Of Postgraduate Students Using Social Media When Seeking Employment submitted to the International Conference Business and Management Dynamics 2023 held in Cape Town, South Africa 27-28 September 2023.
  • Shinga, C. and Maharaj, A. (2023) Relationship Between Absenteeism and Work Performance at Commuter Rail Transport in Kwa-Zulu Natal. International Conference on Business Resilience, Continuity and Regeneration (BRCR) held on the 22-24 March 2023, Durban South Africa.