Professor Rontala Prabhakar

Professor Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam
Associate Professor
Room No: M-127 M-Block
Information Systems and Technology


I strongly believe on the fact, teaching courses through research will expose students to the current contents bridging knowledge gaps. My research vision is to tackle social engineering problems using mobile computing technologies aided by data science. This vision has enabled me to combine my teaching and research expertise to achieve the set objective. As part of teaching, I was instrumental in developing two honors level modules and related labs – Mobile and Personal Information Systems which focuses on developing android mobile applications and Big Data Management and Analytics using R and Python.

My knowledge and expertise include in the areas not limiting to Mobile Computing, IoT, Big Data, Social Engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms, Compiler Design, Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design using UML, etc.

Imparting knowledge is incomplete without potential collaborations. Collaboration is the third element of knowledge building process on top of teaching and research. Collaborating with the right people enables effective knowledge building among the individuals. I have established collaborative forums with the researchers in other institutions that benefits masters and PhD scholars under my supervision. This is likely to extend in teaching courses for students’ effective learning.

Knowledge building is incomplete without sharing it to the society. Knowledge sharing can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Face-to-face interaction yields synchronized knowledge sharing, while publishing scholarly article yields asynchronized knowledge sharing. Publishing at the right time will make the current contents available to the academic and research community. I make my contents available for peers through constant publications. By sharing knowledge through publications it’s not only supporting the society but also encourages me to achieve higher.

My teaching experience of 29 years gained in India, Ethiopia and South Africa made me to realize that my responsibilities should go beyond knowledge sharing. To achieve this, it is important that inspiring the young and fresh minds with critical thinking and confidence to face the complex work environment after stepping off the campus are important.

Academic Qualifications

  • B.Sc.
  • M.Sc.
  • M.Phil.
  • PhD

Professional Bodies

  • Member, IEEE Computer Society

Research Interests

  • Mobile Computing
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Social Engineering

Recent Publications and Papers

  1. Vicent Mbonye, Indira Padayachee, Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam (2022). “An integrated conceptual model to secure digitally enabled smart grid towards sustainable energy”, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Paper accepted to be published in 2022.
  2. Gunasekaran, S. Shanmugam, D. Palanivel Rajan, P. Rontala (2022). “Blockchain Technology-Enabled Healthcare IoT to Increase Security and Privacy Using Fog Computing”. Chapter 8. Machine Learning, Block Chain, and Cyber-Security in Smart Environments, First Edition, Chapman and Hall/CRC, Taylor and Francis Group.
  3. Mbonye, V., Subramaniam, P. R, & Padayachee, I . (2021). POPIA complaint regulatory framework for smart grids to secure gaps in the existing privacy laws. Paper presented at the 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computing and Data Communication Systems (icABCD), SouthAfrica.
  4. Lizzy Oluwatoyin Ofusori, Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam (2021). “A Study on E-commuting: Alleviating Technical and Mobility Threats in a BYOD-Enabled Banking Environment in Nigeria”, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development,
  5. Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam, Chitra Venugopal (2020). “Comparison of Mamdani and Sugeno Inference Methods in Calorie Burn Calculation for Activity Using Treadmill”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 17, Pp 1703 – 1709.
  6. Lizzy Oluwatoyin Ofusori, Ncamiso Nkululeko Jahalenkhosi Dlamini, Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam (2018). “Optimized Three Dimensional Security Framework to Mitigate Risks Arising From BYOD Enabled Business Environment”, Chapter 8, Handbook of Research on Information and Cyber Security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IGI Global.
  7. Arunkumar Sangiah, Jagadeesh Gopal, Anirban Basu, Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam (2017). “An Integrated Fuzzy DEMATEL, TOPSIS, and ELECTRE Approach for Evaluating Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness with Reference to GSD project Outcome”, Neural Computing and Applications, 28(1), pp: 111-123.
  8. Prabhakar Rontala Subramaniam, Chitra Venugopal, Arun Kumar Sangaiah (2016). “A Fuzzy Based Calorie Burn Calculator for an Effective Gamified Physical Activity Using Treadmill”, Chapter 5, Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory in Organisation Decision Making, IGI Global.
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