Professor Shaun Ruggunan

Professor Shaun Ruggunan
Professor Shaun Ruggunan
Full Professor
M Block, Room M13-13
Human Resource Management


Professor Shaun Ruggunan is a professor of Human Resources Management and an NRF-rated scholar at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His doctorate examined the agency of organised labour to shape processes of globalisation in the global shipping industry.

His subsequent work has seen him publish on the sociology of professions, maritime labour markets and management education. More recently, Professor Ruggunan is working on what it means to decolonize management and organisational knowledge in a South African context. He has had two well-received books published. The first is “Waves of Change: Globalization and Seafaring Labour Markets (HSRC Press, 2016) and “Management Studies in South Africa: exploring the trajectory in the apartheid era and beyond (2019, Palgrave – with R. Sooryamoorthy).

In 2019, Professor Ruggunan organised a decolonising management and organisational knowledge colloquium at UKZN, South Africa, which resulted in a special issue of Organization published in 2021. The special issue was co-edited with Gavin Jack, Nimruji Prasad and Alex Faria. He is a member of the African Academy of Management, the Academy of Management and the International Sociological Association. 

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD (Industrial, organisational and Labour Studies) UKZN

Professional Bodies

  • African Academy of Management
  • Academy of Management
  • International Sociological Association

Research Interests

  • Maritime Human Resources
  • Human Resources for health
  • Decolonizing management studies
  • Critical management studies
  • Qualitative research
  • Sociology of Professions

Publications and Papers

Selected publications
  • Ruggunan, Shaun (2016) Waves of Change: Seafaring Labour, Trade Unions and Globalisation , Pretoria: HSRC Press.
  • Ruggunan, Shaun & Sooryamoorthy, R (2019) Management Studies in South Africa: Exploring the Trajectory in the Apartheid Era and Beyond: London: Palgrave
  • Ruggunan, Shaun; Pillay, Kathryn; Dayaram, Kantha; ,”Equality, diversity and inclusion in the South African workplace: the paradox of legislation”, A Field Guide to Managing Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Organisations”,,,252-265,2022,Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Mapuranga, Martha; Maunganidze, Farai; Ruggunan, Shaun; ,Get vaccinated or else… employees’ perspective on mandatory vaccination in the retail sector in Zimbabwe, Frontiers in Psychology,13,,,2022,Frontiers Media SA
  • Maunganidze F, Bonnin D, Ruggunan S. Economic Crisis and Professions: Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe. SAGE Open. January 2021. doi:10.1177/2158244021994802
  • Leask, Cristy; Ruggunan, Shaun; ,A temperature reading of COVID-19 pandemic employee agility and resilience in South Africa, SA Journal of Industrial Psychology,47,1,1-12,2021,AOSIS Publishing
  • Ruggunan, Shaun; Pillay, Kathryn; Leask, Cristy; ,Holding Space, African Journal of Business Ethics,15,1,49-66,2021,
  • Jammulamadaka, Nimruji; Faria, Alex; Jack, Gavin; Ruggunan, Shaun; ,Decolonising Management and Organisational Knowledge,2021,Sage Publications