Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration programme is to broaden the students’ knowledge within a business framework to develop a thorough understanding of management theory as well as the skills necessary to apply the theory. The programme will prepare students for entry into, or development of existing careers in the private and public sectors.

Specifically the programme aims to:
  • Provide learners with a practical, work-related orientation which draws upon a sound theoretical base;
  • Provide learners with frameworks within which a broad understanding of the commerce discipline is examined;
  • Provide learners with a holistic view of organisations, their environment and functioning; and commerce’s role therein;
  • Recognise that learners, as managers in both private and public sector organisations, need to be able to deal with a rapidly changing environment;
  • Emphasise the importance of team work by learners
  • Focus on the development of personal skills and competencies in commerce and management.
There is a great demand for commerce related skills and competencies in the African, in particular the Southern African region work environment, given the rapid pace of globalisation and regional integration. This qualification is designed to cater for students who have matriculated and would like to study in the evening due to work commitments and those who have completed the Certificate of Business Administration, wishing to pursue a formal qualification in Business Administration. The after-hours offering makes it possible for those in employ to acquire a qualification to enable them to be more effective in the workplace. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme articulates into the Postgraduate Diplomas, thereby providing an alternate access route to Master’s and PhD studies.
3 years
✤ NSC Degree with a minimum of 26 NSC points (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Level 3 Mathematics
  • Level 4 English (home or first additional language)
  • Level 4 Life Orientation or equivalent
✤ UKZN-UEL Certificate in Public Administration or equivalent School approved qualification with minimum
  • been awarded the UKZN Certificate in Business Administration or an equivalent qualification as approved by the School; and
  • achieved for the Certificate, or equivalent qualification, a weighted average of at least 60% as well as a final mark of at least 55% for the Introduction to Management Science module (CBAP0MS) or equivalent Mathematics module as approved by the School.

Marketing and Supply Chain Management: Lecturer, Product manager, Brand manager, Social media marketing manager, Researcher, Marketing representative, Sales representative, Business analyst, Customer relationship manager, Advertising, Public relations manager, Retailer manager, Product manager, Brand manager, Social media marketing manager, Researcher, Marketing representative, Sales representative, Customer relationship manager, Advertising, Public relations manager, Retailer manager, General Manager, Business Advisor, Logistics Manager

Information Systems & Technology: Lecturer, Business Analyst, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Enterprise Resource Planning Specialist, Project Manager, IS/IT Auditor, Systems Analyst, Information Architect, Researcher

Human Resource Management: Lecturer, Human Resource Consultant, Labour Relations Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Researcher

Management and Entrepreneurship: Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Public Relations Manager, Researcher, General Manager

Other careers: Financial Manager, Economist, Econometrician, Trader, Broker, Public Manager, Municipal Manager

1st Year

Semester 1

  • Business Management BBAP1M1
  • Economics 101 BBAP1E1
  • #Communication in Business 101 BBAP1CB or
  • *Basic isiZulu Language Studies A ZULN101
  • Management Science BBAP1MS

Semester 2

  • Business Accounting 112 BBAP112
  • Economics 102 BBAP1E2
  • Computing 102 BBAP1C2
  • Business Law 102 BBAP1BL
2nd Year

Semester 1

  • Human Resource Management BBAP2H1
  • Business Management 201 BBAP2M1
  • Business Accounting 211 BBAP211
  • Information Management 202 BBAP2IM

Semester 2

  • Human Resource Management 212 BBAP2H2
  • Marketing Management 202
  • Business Accounting 212 BBAP212
  • Supply Chain Management 202 BBAP2SC
3rd Year

Semester 1

  • Marketing Management 301
  • Business Management 311
  • Business Management 312
  • Human Resource Management 311

Semester 2

  • Supply Chain Management 302 BBAP3SM
  • Business Management 313 BBAP313
  • Business Management 314 BBAP314
  • Business Tax 313 BBAP3BT

# to be taken by students who have been exempted from an approved isiZulu module in terms of Rule BR9 in the Handbook

* an approved 16credit isiZulu module must be taken by students who have not been exempted, in order to comply with Rule BR9 in the Handbook.