Doctor of Public Administration (DAdmin)

The DAdmin is a full research doctoral programme. The programme provides an ethically defensible bridge for professionals who are moving beyond their primary discipline into organisational leadership positions and who are required to work in the dynamic complex environment of contemporary Africa and its transition agenda. Doctoral students are required to demonstrate a comprehensive and high level of thinking, enquiry

Master Of Commerce In Marketing

The programme aims to develop a specialised knowledge of aspects in Marketing Management, and provides students with the opportunity to make use of comparative materials. Programme structure Students are required to complete a set of six modules from the prescribed list of modules, and to complete a dissertation. Although all modules are presented after hours, it is possible to register

Master of Commerce In Management

The programme aims to develop a specialised knowledge of aspects in Management and to provide students with opportunity to analyse case studies. Programme structure Students are required to complete six modules from the list of prescribed modules and to complete a dissertation. The programme duration is two years. Programme teaching method To accommodate individuals in

Master Of Commerce In Information Systems AND Technology (Coursework)

The School of Management, Information Technology and Governance offers a Master of Commerce programme in Information Systems Technology on the Westville and Pietermaritzburg campuses. Programme outcomes The programme aims to provide students with the necessary mix of technical, organisational and management knowledge and skills to qualify them beyond their primary discipline of IS or IT by introducing them into organisational management