Bachelor of Administration (Public Administration)

The Bachelor of Administration degree is only offered at the Westville campus. It is a three-year full-time qualification, which brings together the disciplines of Public Administration, Human Resources and Business Management. This inter-disciplinary approach of the programme promotes the study of governance at all levels through carefully designed modules of the relevant disciplines. Overview The

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

Overview The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration programme is to broaden the students’ knowledge within a business framework to develop a thorough understanding of management theory as well as the skills necessary to apply the theory. The programme will prepare students for entry into, or development of existing careers in the private and

Bachelor of Commerce – General (BCom)

Overview Management Studies focuses on the provision of educational opportunities to equip candidates for careers in the field of commerce and industry. A wide theoretical training and sound foundation in the principles of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Public Administration are provided. The undergraduate degree courses