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Discipline of Management

The Discipline of Management is the largest Discipline in the School of Management Studies with approximately 10 000 students registered in total for the various modules offered by the School across the three campuses where the school programs are offered – Westville, Pietermaritzburg and Howard College.

The Discipline has extremely popular disciplines – Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management. The Industrial Relations programme is also in popular demand at postgraduate level. The School provides attractive postgraduate Honours and Coursework Masters programmes in various management disciplines and our research Masters and Doctoral programmes are supervised by senior academics internationally recognized as experts in their particular academic fields of study.

While the Westville Campus is the functional head office of the Discipline, the Pietermaritzburg Campus and Howard College campuses also present a wide range of academic offerings. The Postgraduate Diplomas offered by the School have also become attractive to the market place for their practical, hands-on orientation.

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