School of Management, IT and Governance

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

NQF Exit Level 9
The programme offers students an opportunity to consolidate theory and practice of public governance within the public and selected non-governmental sectors. The purpose is to promote critical thinking, reflection, analysis and synthesis by introducing the students to academic research into various sub-fields of public governance. The structure and content of the programme is designed to engender in students the capacity to think analytically and synergistically and to engage in research about issues in the public domain. In pursuance of the developmental agenda in the South African context that has been constitutionally mandated, the programme enables students to become more knowledgeable of the broader issues impacting on the public sector and the non-governmental organisation sector, and to engage aspects of public governance within a broader national and international environment. In this way, the programme lays the foundation for the development of a work force at higher levels of public sector management. It also lays a firm foundation for those wanting to pursue doctoral research.
There is a national need and demand for this qualification as it focuses on pertinent areas of public sector management, given the Constitutional imperatives. It also takes cognisance of other legislative and policy frameworks. Given the need for capacity development in the South African public sector, it is imperative that managers are adequately equipped in terms of skills and the required management education. It is envisaged that this qualification will give the management cadre of the South African public sector exposure to recent trends and developments in relation to the public sector nationally, continentally and internationally. The programme is aimed at providing a platform for expanding students’ knowledge in the public sector, as well as building effective and skilled researchers in the field of public governance.
2 Years
  • Year 1: Coursework – offered in block weeks, three blocks per semester. Classes are from Monday to Saturday per block week.
    – three Saturday workshops per semester
  • Year 2: Dissertation
  • A Bachelor of Administration Honours or equivalent qualification;
  • An appropriate Bachelor’s degree at NQF Level8 in a relevant field;
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant field;
  • Attained a level of competence as defined in Rule GR7(b) in the Handbook;
  • Selection Programme- the School may prescribe further criteria.
  • Diplomat
  • Municipal Manager
  • Public Manager
  • Lecturer
  • NGO Manager
  • Administrator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Services Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Activist/ Lobbyist
  • Communications Officer
  • Contract Administrator
  • Program Analyst
  • Program Director
  • City Manager
  • Mayor

First Year

Note: Not all electives are offered in any given year

Second Year

Note: Not all electives are offered in any given year