PhD Candidate Presents Papers at International Conference

‘Workplaces require practical solutions to address the many challenges that working women experience both at the workplace and outside. My goal is to assist working women to strengthen their ability to pre-empt potentially adverse situations and be able to handle them in a calm and efficient way – something which is possible when resilience knowledge is disseminated.’

These are the words of Ms Nuria Cadete who is pursuing a PhD in Human Resources Management. She presented two papers at the Conference on Global Trends in Management, IT and Governance in an e-World (e-MIG 2019) in Mauritius from 14 to 15 May.

The multidisciplinary conference was co-hosted by the Open University of Mauritius (OU), and the College of Law and Management Studies at UKZN.

Cadete’s first paper: Investigating and Explaining Individual Workforce Resilience of Women in Selected Durban Organisational Settings, examined the central tenets of psychological resilience, namely; neuroticism, mindfulness, self-efficacy, and coping.

Her second contribution explored the workplace factors that affect psychological resilience among female academics at UKZN and the role of human resources management in promoting such resilience.

Cadete said the conference was an ideal opportunity to share her ideas and obtain feedback on her research. ‘The feedback was insightful and will be incorporated into my future research publications,’ she said.

‘I am eager to gain more insightful knowledge on resilience, a subject which I am very passionate about because of its ability to minimise the effects of harmful negative psychological outcomes such as stress, anxiety, and depression that we often experience when we find ourselves in very difficult circumstances. This research is preparing me to take the next step to support working women’s mental well-being,’ she added.

Cadete expressed her gratitude to her supervisor, Professor Shaun Ruggunan, for his support.

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga

Photographs: Photographs: Supplied