Team Building Promotes Open Communication to Improve Service Delivery

Academics and professional support staff in the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance participated in an interactive outdoor team building event at the Durban Watersport Club aimed at improving staff efficiency and communication.

Attended by just over 60 staff members, the event aimed to promote UKZN’s REACHT values and to encouraged staff to integrate them in their operational milieu.

The day involved two main events, the first being a potjie challenge, where teams competed in a Masterchef challenge to see who could produce the best meal. Unrealised and unknown skills emerged as amazing dishes were prepared.

After sampling the delicious food at lunch time, the second session involved copying a small painting onto a large canvas. This tested mathematical skills, patience and attention to detail.

The exercise enabled staff to share, explore, clarify and re-define their relationships as they sought to improve some of the skills required to execute their duties.

Dean and Head of School, Professor Stephen Mutula said, ‘The team building workshop brought staff together to work on carefully designed team based tasks. The barriers and hierarchies that exist in our normal work environment and which alienate us from one another were broken down by sharing responsibilities using team-based approaches.’

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Supplied