Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management






1 Year


31 October


Human Resource Management is the legal liaison between the organisation and the employees, in which both have to uphold employment law as well as follow the practices, which may differ within legal guidelines that the employer authorizes. Corporations are always searching for better ways to produce goods and services. When new technological developments give some organisations a competitive advantage, their rivals try to catch up by adopting and improving on the new technologies A large part of this growth is the Human Resources department of these companies, who are responsible for hiring the people with the knowledge to bring new technology into a company. To be successful in the automotive market, these companies needs a highly skilled, flexible and committed work force, a flexible and innovative management, the ability to retain developed talent, and a strong partnership between management and labour unions. The programme covers an area of study which generally prepares individuals to manage the development of human capital in organisations, and to provide related services to individuals and groups. It includes instruction in personnel and organisational policy, human resource dynamics and flows, labour relations, sex roles, civil rights, human resources law and regulations, motivation and compensation systems, work systems, career management, employee testing and assessment, recruitment and selection, managing employee and job training programmes, and the management of human resources programmes and operations.


There is a dire need for senior level management competencies in the field of Human Resource Management and Industrial relations in the contemporary African and Southern African context, given the rapid pace of globalisation and concomitant regional integration. This qualification is designed to provide an ethically defensible bridge for professionals who are moving beyond their primary discipline into organisational management and leadership positions and who are required to work in the dynamic complex environment of contemporary Africa and its transition agenda. This aligns with the School’s purpose relating to management and leadership development and the University’s strategic plan to provide quality teaching and research for the African context. The students will, thus, have a platform to become an effective human resource manager specialising in industrial relations, and to be further equipped to become practitioner-research orientated in their on-going professional development. The programme will also serve as a bridging programme to the Masters in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations and, also, related management fields.

Entry Requirements

  • An appropriate Bachelor’s degree
  • Attained a level of competence as defined in Rule GR7(b) in the Handbook;
  • Selection Programme- the School may prescribe further criteria.


# Only for Westville * Only for Pietermaritzburg