Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain Management






1 Year


31 October


The purpose of the programme is to broaden the students’ marketing and supply chain knowledge within a busianess framework to develop a thorough understanding of marketing and supply chain theory as well as the skills necessary to apply the theory. Students are taught in a manner which assists them to engage with and integrate theory and practice, and which ultimately impacts positively on all spheres in the students’ work performance and lives. An opportunity is provided for students to obtain detailed knowledge into leading in turbulent and complex environments, and to constructively respond to various challenges, for example around continuous change, systemic effects, and globalisation. Relevant and practical methodologies are emphasized, particularly for use in the African context, thus enabling students to enter the work context to effect positive change. Students are further equipped with analytical and reflective skills, and are placed in a position to develop competencies and skills that facilitate life-long learning.


The Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain is of special interest to the working professional in the private and public sector and those who want to pursue a career in marketing and supply chain. The course work is designed to provide the student with an understanding and working application of the principles essential to the effective management of organisations, with specialization in the marketing and supply chain function. The programme offers persons in employment the opportunity to extend their qualifications and become empowered in their quest to be marketing or supply chain managers. The Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain will provide access to higher postgraduate education to persons wanting to consolidate their careers in these fields of commerce and industry. The programme will also serve as a bridging programme to the Masters in related Marketing and Supply Chain management fields. The access to higher education could have a significant positive influence on the ability of businessmen and women to become leaders in their fields and to make positive contributions to the economies of their countries.

Entry Requirements

  • An appropriate Bachelor’s degree
  • Attained a level of competence as defined in Rule GR7(b) in the Handbook;
  • Selection Programme- the School may prescribe further criteria.


*Offered only in Pietermaritzburg