School of Management, IT and Governance

Special Honours Bursaries

Special Honours Bursaries

The dynamic and
competitive business environment requires competent specialists with
more than just a basic understanding of business concepts but with
expert knowledge of specific business functions. To stand out above the
rest one needs to have competitive advantage over ones peer group.

The College of Law and Management Studies at the University of
KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is opening doors for learning to those individuals
who are interested in becoming specialists in various fields of
management studies. Five Special Honours Bursary packages valued at R20
000 each are available to current students pursuing their Honours Degree
in selected areas of management studies on a full-time basis.
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Important Information/ Checklist
– We must know how your family is being financially supported i.e. income must be recorded on the application form.
– If biological parents are alive, please attach marriage certificate.
Grandparents and other family members are not acceptable as guardians
without legal documentation as proof.

Before submitting your application form check that you have provided the following:

Proof of all incomes listed (e.g. payslip not more than one month old,
IRP 5 for commission salaries, letter from employer on official
letterhead if no payslip, proof of UIF value, business accounts, letter
of grant stating gross amount received, statement sworn before
Commissioner of Oaths (for informal sector), retrenchment letter,
pension proof with ID No., Department of Labour proof of unemployment
and etc).

2) If mother is a housewife, has the necessary affidavit been supplied?

3) Proof of absence of one or both parents/guardian (e.g. certified
marriage certificate plus copies of death certificate, divorce decree,
separation order).

4) Certified copy of South African ID document attached for self & parents/guardian.

5) Academic record.

6) Return application to:
College of Law and Management Studies
Special Honours Bursaries
Student Funding Advisor
Private Bag X54001

7) Contact Details:
Pietermaritzburg Campus

Mr Sandile Ndimande
Tel: 033-260 5757

Westville Campus
Ms Merci Rajkumar and Ms Nain Ramdas
Tel: 031-260 8044/ 7839
Email: or