School of Management, IT and Governance

Dr Sanjay Ranjeeth

Telephone: 033 260 5641
Campus: Pietermaritzburg
Building & Room: Post Graduate Centre G29, Ground floor
Discipline: Information Systems and Technology


I have been involved in the education sector for my entire working career. I started off as a high school teacher where I taught Mathematics and Computer Studies. My teaching career culminated in my appointment as the Senior Certificate Chief Examiner for Computer Studies. I joined UKZN in 2001 and my lecturing responsibilities are mainly in the domain of software development. I currently co-ordinate the teaching of the final year undergraduate capstone course named Advanced Systems Implementation. I also teach the Software Engineering course at Honours level and the Knowledge Management course at Master’s level. My lecturing duties are spread across the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses of UKZN.

Academic Qualifications
    • B.Sc (Maths and Computer Science)
    • B.Sc Honours (Computer Science)
    • Master’s in Technology
    • PhD in Information Technology
    Professional Qualifications
    • University Higher Diploma in Education
    • University Education Induction Programme
    Professional Bodies
    • IEEE Society for Software Engineering
    Research Interests
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Programming
    • Systems Analysis and Design
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Knowledge Management
    Recent Publications and Papers
    • A Classification of Students’ Cognitive Abilities with Errors in Computer Programming (The International Journal of
      Learning 2007;Vol 14(7); pp. 23-38)
    • An Investigation Into the Relationship Between the Level of Cognitive Maturity and the Types of Errors Made by Students in Computer Programming (Proceedings of the 2007 Computer Science and IT Education Conference (CSITED) – Mauritius – ISBN: 9789990387476)
    • The Impact of Learning Styles on the Acquisition of Computer Programming Proficiency (Alternation; Vol18 (1); p 337; 2011; ISSN 1023-1757)
    • A Pedagogical Intervention Based on Agile Software Development Methodology (Alternation Special Edition 8 (2013) 225 – 250; ISSN 1023-1757)