Vision, Mission and Values


To be a global leader in management, IT and governance education and research for government, industry and civil society through innovation, entrepreneurship and transformation, contextualised to the complexities of African needs and problems while juxtaposed with global developments.


To produce globally competitive graduates in Management, IT and Governance who can positively impact society.


The SMIG has adopted the UKZN values as its own values and shall endeavour to ensure that all staff and students in the School translate these into “lived” values in our daily interactions with one another. This means that we commit to fair and transparent processes to enable us to hold one another accountable should we not live up to these values. In doing so, we shall build a community within the SMIG that resonates with these values. The School leadership commits itself to engage constructively and to challenge other University stakeholders, irrespective of rank and without fear or favour that do not live up to these values.

  • Respect: The SMIG undertakes to promote mutual respect, courtesy, and inclusiveness.
  • Excellence: The SMIG undertakes to display quality, leadership and energy in all that it does.
  • Accountability: The SMIG promises to be responsible and accountable in its behaviour towards all its stakeholders.
  • Client Orientation: The SMIG undertakes to consistently satisfy the needs of all its clients, stakeholders and partners.
  • Honesty: The SMIG promises to deliver with integrity – steadfastly and with adherence to good governance.
  • TrustT: The ‘T’ symbol after REACHT refers to the principle of ‘trust’ that underpins all the other institutional values. The implicit trust enjoyed by every member of the SMIG and their well-defined actions that embrace the REACHT values, are important ingredients of the Institution’s moral fibre.